School Reopening 2020-2021 FAQs

  • Will we be having in-person instruction this year?

Yes, we are beginning the year with in-person schooling five days a week. We are hoping this will continue throughout the school year.

Is there a possibility that we will have to do virtual school again this year?

Yes, students and staff will be preparing in case virtual school is needed this year. If this happens, all students will have Chromebooks and will meet with their teachers online to continue their education.

  • Will there be sports this year?

At this time, sports schedules will be held normally. Extra precautions will be taken to keep participants safe and healthy. We will continue to follow MHSAA guidelines as they are developed.

  • What extra supplies does my child need this year?

In addition to normal school supplies, students should have a few masks and wear one to school each day. If a student needs a mask, a disposable one will be provided.

  • What should I be doing to help prepare my elementary school student for school?

Please practice proper twenty-second-long handwashing techniques with your student. Help to get them in the habit of standing six feet away from others whenever possible. Also, please have them practice wearing a mask so it becomes more comfortable for them.

  • Will my student be coming into contact with a lot of people during the school day?

Elementary school students will spend most of the day in their own classrooms. They will each lunch in the multipurpose room, but separated from the other classes. Middle school students will stay in the room for most of their classes during the day. Class period beginning and ending times will be slightly adjusted so that there are minimal people in the hallway at a time.

  • Will there still be special classes like band, gym and shop?

Yes, these classes will still be held. Band and gym classes will be outside as much as possible. All classes will utilize social distancing.

  • Are masks mandatory at school?

Makes will be required in the hallways, buses, computer lab, science lab and in situations where social distancing is not possible. At this point, masks will not be required in the classroom; however, this could change before schools starts based on state guidelines.